Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Weekend away

M and I have been somewhat swamped in our respective jobs in the first two weeks of January. So it was with some reluctance that we agreed to return to my home country at short notice last weekend, accepting an invitation to a birthday celebration. Taking yesterday off work was a stretch for us both. In fact we have both worked very long days today to catch back up.

All that said, we had a really nice weekend away and M met two of my sisters for the first time. We were in a gastropub on Sunday with my sister and her hubby. It was not so warm, in fact it was decidedly chilly. So after about 10 minutes M told me to walk around and see what other seats were free.

I came back to tell her there was  a free table at the other side to which she replied..."and is it warmer there ?" I had no idea. So she sent me back with the instruction to wait a minute and report back if it was warmer (which it was, marginally).  What my sister made of all of this, I have no idea. I did not ask!

Next day, as M and I took a stroll together, she handed me her handbag to carry as it was heavy and she could not be bothered anymore. So for the next 20 minutes we walked along together with me carrying her handbag.

Not much else to report, except seven edgings Sunday morning that drove me wild! She also had one contraceptive pill left over which she gave to me to swallow!

It will be a very busy few weeks for us both until the end of January but we will try to blog nevertheless. In any case, I am likely to be over my contracted work hours again and M is itching to use her new riding crop!


Friday, 5 January 2018

No spanking tonight

On many Friday evenings I get a spanking. At the end of the week, if I have not curbed my workaholic tendencies, I get one hard blow of the wooden spoon for each hour I worked over the contract. It is usually between four and six but on the odd week it can be more.

Thankfully  at present I am in "credit". I have a minus balance of four hours having taken a "time in lieu" day at the end of December. In any event, spanking would be impossible today as M woke up  with a very sore arm. She feels she must have slept in an awkward position. In any event raising her right arm is very painful. Using her new riding crop will have to wait.

So tonight will be a night of home therapy. Light massage, ultrasound, infra red sauna and tiger balm. In fact I developed a back spasm on holidays that was not getting better and M has been helping me with this, all of this week, with some success. So now it turns 180 degrees and she needs my help more.

We were both back to work this week and it was a very stressful week for us both in our respective offices.  We are both "kaputt".  The weekend is welcome. As they say here... "Hoch die Haende, Wochenende"!

I am beginning to come back from my orgasm of a week ago. It definitely changes how I feel and it takes a while to get fully back in service mode. That said, I have continued to carry my allotted load...such as evening meals. That is expected by us both.


Sunday, 31 December 2017

Free orgasm....with a twist

So I finally got my free orgasm on Friday. I tried to take my time, not rush it and enjoy it. After all, it was only number 4 this year. All was going well until M decided to make things a bit harder for me by rubbing and pinching my nipples. Bang....15 seconds later I exploded into her. She just laughed.What a feeling. My first full orgasm since October 6th.

M had told me before going to bed that she had decided that tonight was "the night". However, she also told me that, to help me not have a "down" after the orgasm, she had decided to tie me up immediately afterwards and spank me with her leather belt.

I pleaded with her to spank me before the orgasm, but she was having none of it. We both knew I would suffer far more, mentally, afterwards.

So, true to her words, she immediately blindfolded me, shoved a sock in my mouth and tied my hands and legs. I just wanted to sleep, LOL. So I then got about 15 lashes with the belt. It stung, but did not leave marks for long. Still, I was squirming throughout. She told me afterwards that every time I get a full orgasm in future, it will be followed by such a session. What a mindfuck that is.

I hate to admit it but I have been a bit more attentive than I usually am after an orgasm, so maybe M is (once again!) correct. She says I am her computer and she knows exactly how to program me!

In some ways I was lucky. She had ordered a riding crop online at Christmas and it arrived yesterday, too late to be used. It looks like a very serious piece of work! I am still waiting to "taste" that particular weapon. I expect she will find some reason to try it out very soon.

That's a wrap for 2017. Happy New Year to all our readers and "Guten Rutsch" as they say here in Germany.


Thursday, 28 December 2017

Surprise shopping trip

I did not get time to properly shop for Christmas presents this year...I got Hanna a couple of items, but I normally buy some lingerie or similar items, to delight her and remind her who she really is.

So I decided to surprise her this evening. She was at work today while I am still on holidays. When she got home I told her we were going shopping.

I enjoyed shopping with her. I liked to see the panic on her face as I selected ever more difficult clothing for her to wear in public. In the end, I settled on a t-shirt that, while female, is close enough to pass, if somebody does not look too closely. I also bought a female knitted hoodie. Hanna expressed doubts about wearing this. No matter, she will be wearing it when we visit friends on New Year's Eve !

I also bought her a sexy red neglige. It was a bargain at €7. And finally a set of 5 thong panties. She was less that sympathetic recently when I had bad period pains, so in future she will wear these each month when I have my period, to remind her.

Wishing our readers a Happy New Year.


Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Christmas '17 is over.

I am back to work tomorrow. It should be relatively quiet in the office as many people take vacation between Christmas and New Year.  I hope to catch up on the e-mail terror that accompanies modern office life. M is off until January 2nd.

One of the benefits of moving to Germany has been the annual holiday allowance that workers here have. M and I have 6 weeks paid leave, and additional time off in lieu of extra hours worked, so probably 8 weeks in total. I do not take it for granted. It is a wonderful benefit for us both.

The past few days since we returned from the sun holiday have been very busy. We entertained on the 24th and 25th. M was very ill when she woke on the morning of the 24th, not good as we had so much to do. But I asked her to please stay in bed and recover, which she did until 12:30.

I worked non stop. Two loads of laundry, ironing, folding and putting the clothes away, wood hauling, fire lighting, and later, preparing some food.  Thankfully M felt somewhat better later. We had a nice evening with M's family. I made crepes for dessert. Later M gave me an extra  bonus point for the effort I had put in.

She also gave me a leather wristband for Christmas with a silver clasp. On the reverse side of the clasp she had engraved "I'm your slave" in my language.

On the 25th we entertained two good friends and so it was a second late evening. Today I woke very tired. I actually fell asleep on the couch mid-morning, which was good as I needed it. I thought I had slept for 15 minutes until M told me I had been 2 hours asleep.

Tomorrow is a month since we started our blog. How time flies. Our intention is to blog regularly, although I can easily imagine that the frequency may drop over time.


PS.. M decided, appropriately, on a dark red as my holiday nail varnish colour. Next change is due the first weekend in January.

Saturday, 23 December 2017

Holiday over

We are now back home again but it was fantastic to get away from the cold German winter and spend 11 nights in the sun (especially with each other!). We will now be busy, entertaining over Christmas.

Unfortunately we had more delays on the journey back home, but thankfully just 3 hours this time and not the nightmare of the outward journey. Nevertheless it was approaching 1 a.m. when we got home. I did not do much before hitting the bed. I just got the first load of holiday washing started.

One thing I realized on the trip home was how often I will sit in the middle seat on a plane in the future. M has a preference for the aisle or the window seat (as I did previously!). That means seat B of E for me. Such is life, a small price to pay to sit with her.

As it is weekend, I had to wear the sleep mask again last night. M wants a lie in at the weekend and I am not now allowed to leave the bed or wake her. She has extended the face mask rule to Friday and Saturday nights. Thankfully she has not insisted on the dummy too, and I was careful not to give her any reason to re-introduce that.

I lay there, wide awake, but quiet, for perhaps 45 minutes this morning It was frustrating as I really wanted to get up and get started on the unpacking and sorting the washing. But rules are rules and I am slowly learning acceptance. I live life now to M's rhythm, not mine....at least I am trying....it is a work in progress.

Oh...I finally finished the punishment novel on the last day on the beach. I guess it was beneficial in two ways. Firstly, it was 345 pages of German to read (I need the practice). Secondly, it was another of M's creative punishments to remind me that an outburst of male ego will no longer be tolerated in future.

Time for a big Christmas food shopping now. Off to Aldi.


Thursday, 21 December 2017

Game of chance to decide Hanna's fate

Wie Hanna ja schon gesagt hat, bekommt sie 2 freie Orgasmen im Jahr. Einer davon steht jetzt unmittelbar bevor. Da die Erfahrungen mit dem ruinierten Orgasmus Ende letzter Woche gut waren - Hanna war 3 Tage danach wieder voll "zurück", habe ich entschieden, dass wir es spannend machen.

Wir beide lieben Kniffel (yazzee). Und wir haben in der Vergangenheit schon um einige entscheidende Dinge gespielt. Ich sagte Hanna, dass sie um das Recht, einen richtigen Orgasmus zu bekommen, spielen und gewinnen muss. Die Regeln haben wir gleich festgelegt:

Wenn Hanna gewinnt, bekommt sie ihren richtigen Orgasmus. Falls sie mit mehr als 50 Punkten Differenz gewinnt, erhält sie zusätzlich im nächsten Monat einen kostenlosen ruinierten Orgasmus. Wenn Hanna verliert, erhält sie nur einen ruiniertean Orgasmus. Wenn Hanna mit mehr als 50 Punten Differenz verliert, erhält sie gar keinen Orgasmus.  Auch keinen Ruinierten.


Yes. Hanna won big!. 62 points! Extra free ruined O is the prize... and full O on course for next week!


Hanna hat sich zu sehr gefreut. Dafür musste sie später noch leiden!  M

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

The toilet seat was up again...

As M outlined in an earlier post, from the outset of living together, we signed a contract  governing our relationship.  Of course, it is not legally binding. Nevertheless, we are both the type to view it as a serious commitment to each other.

Although not a lawyer, M is professionally experienced and skilled in drafting contracts. She did a magnificent job in drafting ours. It is very one-sided, but that is what we had spoken about and agreed.

One aspect that is covered there is her right to punish me. As I was reading my punishment novel today my mind wandered to other punishments she has meted out.

I have an annoying habit of leaving the toilet seat up. Somehow, I think that I am not the only man to cause such annoyance! Spankings did not seems to cure the fault.

Recently, she came up with a novel approach. She produced a Christmas card that needed to be coloured in by hand. She said, "this is the card you will send to your parents at Christmas so I want you to use your very best efforts to make it nice". Not one of my better skills. "And because you left the toilet seat up earlier, you will sit in front of the toilet and use the closed seat as your table".

One hour and twenty minutes later I was finished. Since then, I have managed to avoid a repeat.

It was certainty a creative punishment and probably more effective in this case than another spanking.


Monday, 18 December 2017

Orgasms...and other thoughts.

This post is inspired by M's generosity on Saturday.

I reminded her, that despite having spent half my merit points buying Christmas presents for her, I still had about 20 points left. This would be enough for 4 ruined orgasms (5 points each required) or one full orgasm (15) and one ruined.

I am not allowed to ask for sex, it must be offered. So I was operating close to the border with this observation. In any event she said cheekily "and are you looking to spend some points now?" I replied in the affirmative and she agreed to allow me a ruined orgasm. In any event she is happy to reduce my credits to a lower level.

It felt great. Frustrating but great. My previous orgasm was on Oct 6 ( I could not remember without looking at my diary). That was my 3rd full orgasm of 2017, having had a "paid" one in March and a "free" on in June, one of two free I get each year. The next free O is the week after next! In between, I get ruined orgasms, probably about 5 or 6 so far this year.

The frequency of my releases has dropped considerably since the start of our relationship.  M notices, and it is true, that my service level drops considerably after an O. She estimates that I need 1 to 2 weeks to return to a high service level after a full O, but only a couple of days after a ruined O.

I wonder why I still get offered full O's. I am starting to fear the downs more than M does. O's have become bitter sweet. But M loves to see that "mental fight" written all over my face too !

Despite the rarity of my orgasms, I can safely say that I never had more sexual attention  in my life than over the past two years. A Queen of tease and denial is M. Nothing brings her more joy than bringing me to the edge and then playing with my sensitive nipples as I fight to hold everything in. She laughs.

Finally, as you will have seen, M found a "Schnuller", a childs dummy, in the supermarket on Saturday evening. I am certain that the purchase was influenced by her desire to bring me back in my service role as quickly as possible. In any event, it is a further restriction on me at night and early in the morning and such restrictions do seem to serve to return me more quickly to a highly attentive state.

And that is something that we both want!


Sunday, 17 December 2017

Endlich Ruhe am Morgen

Im Supermarkt habe ich einen Schnuller gefunden. Jetzt muss Hanna nachts auch noch einen Schnuller haben. Heute früh hatte ich solange Ruhe, bis ich Hanna von Schnuller und Maske befreit hattee. Das Ganze hat Hanna noch mehr sub gemacht, als sie vorher war. Also genau die richtige Entscheidung.


Friday, 15 December 2017

Male ego

So, this morning I awoke once again quite early. How early I have no way to tell. I lay there with the eyeshades on in compliance with M's new directive for the rest of the holiday. I tossed and turned, fell briefly in and out of sleep a few times. This just heightened my sense of frustration as each time I awoke I realised how powerless I was!

After what seemed like an age I heard M move. Shortly afterwards she said simply "sieben Uhr". This was a statement, not an invitation to chat. She wants silence too in order to doze off again. She made this clear last night. At home, she bought a babies dummy to shove in my mouth for such occasions and it would not take much for her to have me shop for one here. That, I want to avoid.

Some time later she told me I could take off the mask. No surfing allowed. I asked if I could cuddle into her and she agreed. It felt wonderful, especially after a long time isolated in the sleeping mask.

When she later told me I could surf, I told her that I preferred to continue cuddling and we spooned for a long time.

Yesterday was our first beach day. Luckily I had managed an hour sunbathing on the balcony on Tuesday, reddening up my milk white tits. My tan lines were still visible but not so noticable as before. Still, I tried to tan them up as quickly as possible.  M had painted henna tattoos on my chest and stomach the night before. Nothing too bad, unless you could speak my native tongue. Most cannot!

Later she sent me to walk the beach, topless. I was embarrassed and just hoped nothing was too visible. I did catch the eye of the lady beside us on the beach and she smiled broadly. In my mentally fragile state my imagination ran wild and I assumed she saw the bikini outline. I blushed from cheek to cheek. Chances are, it was just a friendly smile. But I am certainly prone to moments of panic when I fear I have been "discovered".

Yesterday, M opened the hotel room door wide to call the chambermaid just as I was putting on my pink bra. Another M rule, I must wear a bra always when we are together.

I freaked and pulled it off and complained loudly and bitterly. "Your male ego is really a problem " she said . "It's the chambermaid...so what. You don't know her. I need to squash that male ego and I will eventually". "It matters what I think of you...does it matter what others think?" she asked. My mind said...you bet it matters...but I knew better in that moment and just said " Sorry   it does not matter. I apologise".

Five minutes later she asked what book I brought to read on the beach. I showed it to her. She then reached into her case and pulled out a book. The cover had pink heart cookies and the title...Die Gluckskockin...the cook of luck.  "You are now reading this first". This was the punishment for my earlier outburst. 351pages of a German Chick-flick novel. So I sat on the beach yesterday with partly white tits, wearing only a badly fitting bikini bottom, reading my punishment book. 8 chapters done. 25 to go.

Holidays can be so relaxing!


Weekend away

M and I have been somewhat swamped in our respective jobs in the first two weeks of January. So it was with some reluctance that we agreed t...